My First Year As A Yoga Teacher – What A Year It’s Been!

(Article originally published on 7 September 2016)

I love that Facebook has it’s ‘memories’ tool, which shows you your posts from the past.  Yesterday, this photo popped up (see below), along with the caption: “Ready for my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Tribe Yoga”.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was about to embark on my 1-month intensive Tribe Yoga teacher training – and what a year it’s been!  I feel so blessed to have a job that I love and which ironically doesn’t feel like work.


I have gone from sitting in an office to being a yoga teacher who works with London’s best studios (Bodyism, Form Studios, Edge), high profile private clients, luxury retreats (Helios Retreats), teacher trainings (Inspira Yoga), special events (Yoga Dining Club) and yoga brands (Wellicious, IluAsquith).  I was also voted by London Evening Standard as one of London’s Top Ten Yoga Teachers to follow on Instagram.

I have freedom from the 9-5 grind (or more accurately the 8-7 grind), I no longer have to put up with the stress of rush hour, I don’t have to ask for annual leave, I don’t have client demands to deal with, I don’t have to manage office politics, I don’t have to follow processes or write those passive-aggressive work emails that do the rounds, and I don’t spend most of my day sitting in an office chair whilst staring at the computer screen and slowly going blind.



Now, I get to set my own targets and deadlines, the people I work with are all rather zen, I can make my own healthy lunches at home, I have more time for family and friends, I get to travel to beautiful yoga retreats, I have flexibility with my time, I can focus on my other hobby of cooking, I have more time to walk around and enjoy London, and I’m simply so much more relaxed & happy. Life has become a lot simpler.

And that is only a summary of how I feel….

For anyone who is thinking about switching career paths, my advice is that you will never know unless you try…

Ps. For a little insight into what a yoga teacher training is like – read my article about my own 200hr yoga teacher training here.