Going Above And Beyond in 2017!

 new-years-eve-2016-2I’ll start by saying, this blog post is a few weeks late and I’ll continue by emphasizing that I’ll start as I mean to go on.  I’m not talking about being late with things, but by not beating myself up over little things.  I have emphasized not sweating the small stuff on many occasions, but it is often easier said than done!  I’ve started to get into a habit of writing a new year’s themed blog post and I quite enjoy a moment of reflection, along with looking ahead and making plans.

The past year has been incredible!  If you had told me two years ago today, that in two year’s time, I’ll be a successful yoga teacher with 15 months teaching experience so far, teaching at beautiful yoga retreats, speaking at yoga festivals, appearing in Om Yoga magazine and travelling to beautiful places, I would not have believed you.  I was bound to my job because it was safe, reliable and I knew how to do it. So if 2015 was a year of transitioning from the office to the yoga mat, and 2016 was a year of establishing myself as a yoga teacher, then 2017 is going to be about going above and beyond anything that I ever thought was possible.  I have lots of exciting yoga news to share, so keep an eye on my website for those updates throughout this year.

2017 Musings

Family Always Come First

Just as I highlighted last year, family and close friends are my number one, they are the most important people in my life.  I am blessed to have such an inspiring and supportive network.  They know me better than I know myself and I will always have time for them.

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The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

I fell in love with cooking in 2016 – I made countless salads, lasagnes, baked salmon, steaks, roast dinners…..the list goes on.  I never used to have time to cook when I working but now, as a  yoga teacher, I have time to make almost all of my meals at home.  I love being able to eat fresh, healthy, homemade food, and don’t at all miss the Pret-a-manger sandwiches and rushed dinners that I used to eat when I worked in an office.  This year, I’ll be making recipes from my new Ottolenghi cookbook and experimenting with my new pasta maker – so excited!

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Yogagise All The Way

At the end of last year I set up my yoga company, YogagiseYogagise Yoga is all about energising through yoga, it’s a state of wellbeing and it’s what I do best.  Lots of people have asked why I set up Yogagise and it’s because I had previously been operating under my own name, but decided that I needed to separate my work from myself.  While these two sides of me frequently overlap, I wanted to create a strong brand that was 100% Yogagise.

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Look After Yourself

The saying ‘you’ve only got one body, so take care of it’ has recently become very real for me.  I’ve learnt through personal experience that my body is not a machine.  Today, I had six injections. Yes, six injections! Two steroid injections in my back and four in my right glute.  For someone, such as myself, who hates needles; it was pretty distressing.  Now let me explain why I was in so much pain that I will filled up with steroids…. because I didn’t take care of an old injury.  Long story short, I had an old injury which once the pain went away, I swept under the carpet.  I’ve learnt the hard way that when things do go wrong like when you’re injured, you get sick, or whatever it may be that causes you trouble, don’t ignore it.  Don’t always assume that once the pain goes, you’re fixed.  So this year, I’ll be taking it easy on my body and gentle exercise is the way forward for me.

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Sleep Is The Best Meditation 

Now that I have more time to sleep each night, I take it.  It’s ironic, when I was working in an office I would often sleep about six-seven hours each night. I would cram so much into each day, I would be exhausted by bed time, only to have to wake up early the next morning and do it all over again. I now do a lot less with my days and don’t have so many things stressing me out, but somehow feel the need to sleep a good eight-nine hours each night. I can’t work out if it’s simply because I have more time to sleep or I’ve actually become a little lazier.  Either way, sleep is wonderful and I fully intend to get lots of it this year.

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On a final note…..

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…..Because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.