Health tips from James Haskell

Meridian Foods, the UK’s leading nut butter brand, has just launched their new Cocoa & Peanut and Cocoa & Hazelnut butters, so I sent across three questions to James Haskell, their ambassador and Wasps Captain to find out his thoughts on yoga and creating balance in his life.


1) Yoga is great to do alongside other more intense activities, do you practice yoga as part of your fitness or relaxation regime?  
I have done Yoga on many occasions in the past both as part of group and one-on-one. I found it really beneficial but my lack of mobility meant it was too hard to get real results.

2) How do you find balance in your life? 
I balance my life with my sport by having a number of business and aligned interests outside of my profession. I engage in a number of what I would call hobbies all the time. My business interests are very varied including a lot of public speaking and motivational presentation work. I am very lucky to be asked to do quite a lot of TV work, schedule permitting. I have written three books and am about to start on my fourth. However one of my favourite pastimes is being a club DJ, which I have been very lucky to have been asked to do at a number of the top London venues.

3) Who inspires you on a health and fitness level and why? 
I don’t have one stand out person that I follow. Although I admire and learn from a number of people in the fitness world, not least my girlfriend Chloe Madeley. For me, it’s more a personal journey of trying to be the best rugby player I can possibly be. That means getting in the best shape, eating well and training hard. I seek and follow advice from loads of different quarters in my ambition and goal to achieve this. My father told me many years ago, you can lie to everyone else but you can’t lie to yourself. This is a piece of advice I have always tried to closely follow as it means you have to be totally honest with yourself. Understand and accept your limitations and then work to rectify the shortcomings.    In doing so it means I look to an array of different people and sources; cherry pick what to me is the best advice for my individual requirements.

Take a look at how to make Meridian Peanut Butter Oat Balls with James Haskell below: