Melting Down Onto The Melt Yoga Mat

I own lots of yoga mats! Lots and lots! As a yoga teacher, I have a different mat for everyday of the week and every occasion (mats for travel, restorative yoga, hot yoga, outdoor yoga, indoor yoga, sweaty yoga and so on).  I don’t believe there is one yoga mat for all occasions, different classes need different mats, and the latest addition to my collection is the stunningly colourful Enchanted Lotus yoga mat from Melt Yoga.


The eco-friendly yoga mat is made from suede micro-fibre on the top and 100% natural rubber on the bottom.  It is free from silicone and phthalates, and is printed using non-fading, water-based ink.

The mat is so soft and will join my hot yoga / outdoor yoga mat collection since the mat’s grip increases the sweatier that you get.  While the thick rubber makes the mat a little heavy, it does indeed do the job, offering stability and comfort in every asana.  This is the mat I’ll use for hot yoga and outdoor yoga in the sun, the generous padding is perfect for more natural surfaces such as grass.

Melt yoga mats

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