I Bend So I Don’t Break! Healing A Slipped Disc Through Yoga, Pilates, Healthy Eating & Plenty Of Rest


When it comes to severe back pain, I know a thing or two! This isnā€™t something Iā€™ve talked about much until now, but itā€™s something that can affect anyone, no matter what age or how healthy. It has changed my approach to looking after my body, so maybe I should consider it a blessing in disguise!Ā šŸ‘©ā€šŸ«

Long story, short – Iā€™ve always had mild back pain & this time last year I was already having steroid injections in my back to reduce pain, however, it peaked in January this year & when further injections didnā€™t work, I ended up in serious pain at A&E, where I was dosed up on pain killers, anti-inflammatories & other drugs. I was taking 12-16 pills a day, which would numb my pain for up to 4hrsĀ šŸ’Š.

Following A&E, I went for a MRI scan & was consequently sent to see a spine surgeon (at this point, I did start to think about the possibility of back surgery, which scared the hell out of me!Ā šŸ˜¢). The scan indicated a slipped disc in L5/S1 that was compressing my S5 root nerve.

In the interim, I spent a lot of time resting, thankfully, I was still able to teach yoga by dictating my classesĀ ā˜ŗļøĀ I froze my gym membership & was then given simple & effective Pilates exercises fromĀ MaddywellĀ šŸ’ŖĀ – Maddy showed me back, core & glute exercises I could do at home.

By the time I saw the spinal surgeon, we agreed that my back was beginning to heal naturally & the disc was moving back into place on itā€™s own, thus no surgery was required!Ā šŸŒŸ

Fast forward 7 months to today & Iā€™m still in a ā€˜recovery phaseā€™. My surgeon told me a slipped disc can take up to a year to heal & not to be fooled into thinking Iā€™m fully recovered. I will always have a weak spot & the disc can slip again. However, I feel that a large part of getting better & healing was down to lots of rest, eating healthily, Pilates, gentle restorative yoga, a positive mindset & supportive people around meĀ šŸ’šŸ»

I now feel pretty damn good! Iā€™m now more gentle on my body & donā€™t push myself if something doesnā€™t feel right. This health scare made me re-appreciate my body & as the saying goes: ā€œTake care of your body, itā€™s the only place you have to liveā€ – that resonates with me a whole lot more now!Ā šŸ’•šŸ¤øā€ā™€