I Bend So I Don’t Break! Healing A Slipped Disc Through Yoga, Pilates, Healthy Eating & Plenty Of Rest


When it comes to severe back pain, I know a thing or two! This isn’t something I’ve talked about much until now, but it’s something that can affect anyone, no matter what age or how healthy. It has changed my approach to looking after my body, so maybe I should consider it a blessing in disguise! 👩‍🏫

Long story, short – I’ve always had mild back pain & this time last year I was already having steroid injections in my back to reduce pain, however, it peaked in January this year & when further injections didn’t work, I ended up in serious pain at A&E, where I was dosed up on pain killers, anti-inflammatories & other drugs. I was taking 12-16 pills a day, which would numb my pain for up to 4hrs 💊.

Following A&E, I went for a MRI scan & was consequently sent to see a spine surgeon (at this point, I did start to think about the possibility of back surgery, which scared the hell out of me! 😢). The scan indicated a slipped disc in L5/S1 that was compressing my S1 root nerve.

In the interim, I spent a lot of time resting, thankfully, I was still able to teach yoga by dictating my classes ☺️ I froze my gym membership & was then given simple & effective Pilates exercises from Maddywell 💪 – Maddy showed me back, core & glute exercises I could do at home.

By the time I saw the spinal surgeon, we agreed that my back was beginning to heal naturally & the disc was moving back into place on it’s own, thus no surgery was required! 🌟

Fast forward 7 months to today & I’m still in a ‘recovery phase’. My surgeon told me a slipped disc can take up to a year to heal & not to be fooled into thinking I’m fully recovered. I will always have a weak spot & the disc can slip again. However, I feel that a large part of getting better & healing was down to lots of rest, eating healthily, Pilates, gentle restorative yoga, a positive mindset & supportive people around me 💁🏻

I now feel pretty damn good! I’m now more gentle on my body & don’t push myself if something doesn’t feel right. This health scare made me re-appreciate my body & as the saying goes: “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” – that resonates with me a whole lot more now! 💕🤸‍♀