Carma & Connection: ‘Yoga’ Jewellery For The Journey

Necklace 2

If you love yoga and you love jewellery, then you will love the new yoga-inspired jewellery brand, Carma & Connection, who design ‘jewellery for the journey’.  Every piece from their stunning collection is inspired by life’s journey and designed to connect with you.

Helios Retreats, 8-14 Sept 2017 (16)

I recently wore their beautiful ‘Om’ Gold Necklace while I was teaching yoga on a health retreat in Mykonos.  Their name, Carma & Connection, is derived from the Buddhist philosophy, ‘do good, and good will come to you’. The word ‘connection’ represents the puzzle piece that they have incorporated into all of their jewellery, designed to remind you of the connections you’ve made or seek on your own unique journey.

During the same retreat, I also lent the necklace to the gorgeously sweet Camilla Akerberg who fell in love with it straight away, she’s a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, but also a yogi at heart.  We both agreed that the necklace is an absolute must-have for yogis looking for jewellery that reflects who they really are.

Take a look at the full Carma & Connection jewellery collection here.  Furthermore, Carma & Connection, donate 10% of all of their profits to their charity partners, which means you can also connect and help to make a small difference in the world.