Morena Morena: Shoes For Your Inner Yogi! (They Are So Comfy!)

Morena Morena Hong Kong (13)

I was in Hong Kong recently, where I relaxed with family & friends, ate to my heart’s content and walked around like a complete tourist.  A few things that I certainly didn’t forget to pack were my Morena Morena shoes! I have three beautiful pairs; the Pink Ella Square Toes (£128), the Beige & White Stripe Vera Pointed Toes (£128) and the Silver Snakeskin Lucia Pointed Toes (£128).

Morena Morena is a British/Brazilian brand and all of their shoes are handmade in Portugal.  The shoes are designed by London School of Fashion graduate Noemy Do-Carmo who has worked with the likes of Lacoste, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  My Morena’s all came immaculately packaged in neat little boxes and the experience of opening them is part of what makes each pair of shoes so special.  Take a look below at the video of unboxing the Lucia Shoes.

The shoes always arrive in a brown Morena Morena square box, along with a soft dust bag to keep them in when you’re not wearing them, a compliment slip and with each shoe individually and lovingly wrapped up in tissue paper. Here are the Vera shoes being unboxed:

When you see how much care and attention has been put into the pretty shoes, and then you see how delicately they have been packaged, it absolutely sets the tone on how you will want to look after the shoes. When I’m not wearing my Morena’s, I make sure they are clean, fold them up and keep them stored in their little dust bags.

Between the three pairs, I had a shoe for almost every outfit and occasion. Whether I was wearing a dress, shorts or jeans, or going for a smart, casual, chic, preppy or boho look, there was a shoe which matched and complimented my look.

As a yoga teacher, I love to walk and at the same time, I need to be comfortable as I’m super-aware of any aches or pain in my body. What Morena Morena does so well is that they make luxury shoes, which look, feel and even smell incredible (they smell like peaches!), yet have a casual comfort.

I walked all around Hong Kong because it’s absolutely the best way to see and experience the city.  The maze of streets is endless, then there are pit stops for lunches and afternoon teas, boats rides and endless shopping malls – there is so much to see and do!  In the past I would have done this in a pair of trainers but this time I decided to put the Morena’s to the ultimate comfort test!

Straight out of the box, each pair of Morena Morena shoes are buttery soft and there are no blisters in the first hour of wearing them, but what about walking around in them for the whole day?  And I mean really walking around in them, not just wearing them while I sit around!

I can say, hands down, my Morena’s passed the test with flying colours! What sets Morena Morena apart from other shoe brands is that not only do they ‘do the job’, they do it in style, with versatility and durability.  The detail in the design is excellent, every Morena Morena shoe has the following:

  • A soft sports insole for impact protection
  • Low heel to provide support and prevent back pain
  • Inner lining in fine sheep skin leather for a comfortable touch
  • A natural foldable outsole which is coloured
  • A beautiful scent to provide a pleasant and clean experience at all times

Morena Morena Hong Kong (18).JPG

In additional to walking what felt like the length and breadth of Hong Kong, my Morena’s have endured everything from Antiguan beaches to London rain and Greek cobbled towns.  They look more sophisticated than trainers and just as fabulous as heels but are a whole lot more functional, with less risk of falling over.

Whenever I walk around in heels, I walk as little as possible and when I am walking, I’m constantly staring at the ground below me out of fear of taking a tumble.  Don’t even get me started on taking the stairs!  Then by the time I’m done, I’m generally in some kind of pain and can’t wait to take my heels off.  In my Morena’s, I have none of those complications.  I simply have a gorgeous and soft pair of shoes, which make walking a pleasure.  A pair of shoes which I can dress up or down, and a pair of shoes, which people stop and give me compliments on (I could get used to that!).

The Morena Morena shoe collection is a shoe lover’s dream, they have every colour and pattern you can dream of, and not only do they have the ballet pumps, they also have loafers, luxe-trainers and sandals, as well as, shoes for men and children.  The shoes are made from the finest (and softest) European leather, and all encapsulate the signature chic Morena Morena style.   I must admit, out of the three shoes which I already own, I cannot pick a favourite pair, they are all uniquely lovely – I’d like to think they make a good team!

On a final note, I may be getting rather excited over a pair of shoes, but it’s testament to how much I rate them – they are one of life’s little pleasures.  I am unashamedly a massive fan of Morena Morena, they make fashion functional.  They allow me to dress the way I want without compromising on comfort or style.  I can assure you, there is nothing less relaxing than teetering around in a pair of heels for the day because you want to look good!  At the same time, while they are flat, they still manage to look elegant and make any outfit look put together.

I’m looking forward to many more trips and long walks with my Morena’s and with my next beach trip just around the corner, I’ll definitely be browsing the sandal section of the Morena Morena website.