Age Is Just A Number – My Tips To Look & Feel Amazing No Matter What Age You Are

Five days ago, I submitted my first answer to Quora, and in the five days since, my answer has been viewed 18,000 times! Yes, really!  I simply answered a question about what I do to look younger.  For those of you who are not familiar with Quora it is a question & answer platform, full of all sorts of information you never knew you wanted to know.  Here is a link to the answer I submitted: What do you do to look 10 or more years younger?

Based on the huge response I had from Quora, I thought I would replicate my response here on my own website as ageing is a topic that so many people are interested in.  So…

What do I do to look 10 or more years younger?

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(Selfie photo above taken in August 2017)

My name is Sarah Highfield, I am 35 years old and here is a recent photo of me. Lots of people tell me I look young for my age (maybe not quite 10 years younger, but possibly a good 8 years younger!). I have not had any cosmetic surgeries, Botox, fillers or any other outside help (except I did whiten my teeth after I quit smoking).

I have freckles (so yes, some sun damage) but I don’t have any wrinkles yet. I think I look younger than I actually am due to:

  • Asian genes help greatly to make me appear younger.
  • I generally get 8–9 hrs of sleep every night.
  • I am a yoga teacher, so my work stress levels are low. I used to work in PR up until Spring/Summer 2015, when I quit my job, trained as a yoga teacher and haven’t looked back since. PR involved long hours, sitting in front of a computer all day and lots of stress.
  • I don’t drink too much alcohol (though I did in my twenties and when I used to work in PR).
  • I don’t smoke (though I did in my twenties).
  • I try not to sunbathe excessively (though I did in my twenties).
  • I try to eat lots of healthy homemade food, which includes lots of healthy grains, healthy fats, dairy, lean meats, vegetables & fruit.
  • I don’t eat much fast food (though I do on occasion).
  • I am a healthy weight for my height, I maintain this through a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • I try to walk everywhere provided I have time and it’s not raining.
  • I don’t have children yet (I’ve heard from many sources that while children are the best thing you’ll ever do, they will, however, age you).
  • I think my hair also helps me to look younger.
  • My beauty regime is simple, face wash & face cream.
  • I don’t wear foundation (which can clog pores and sometimes dry skin out). Overall, I don’t wear much make-up, which I guess can make me look younger.

I think a combination of all of the above has kept me looking younger than I actually am.

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(Restaurant photo above taken in July 2017)

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(Yoga photo above taken in September 2017)