Rituals: It’s Time To Slow Down

If you are always rushing to the next moment, what happens to the one you are in? Slow down. Take a step back, embrace a moment of silence, and notice the beauty between destinations.

Make time to change your everyday routines into more meaningful rituals and rediscover the happiness in the smallest of things.

Rituals (3)Rituals, the Dutch cosmetics company, is currently spearheading a ‘Slow Down’ campaign which encourages people to step back from the hectic rush of everyday life and find happiness in the smallest of things.

They are everywhere: at any given moment, of every single day, waiting to be discovered, eager to share the beauty within them. They are the seemingly meaningless moments we all tend to overlook.  Rituals unveils these moments and reminds you to experience them with joy. Whether it’s taking a nice long bath or creating a homey atmosphere with the rich scent of Asian incense, Rituals allows you to find happiness in the simplest things.

I recently discovered The Ritual of Dao, one of Ritual’s cosmetics collections.  Dao is an ancient Chinese philosophy centred on achieving the perfect harmony between Yin and Yang. Focusing on nourishing your Yin energy, The Ritual of Dao collection helps you to find inner peace and tranquility in your busy life.  The collection is made using a balancing blend White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren, which gives it the most divine fragrance.  I am absolutely in love with the smell of it!

Rituals (2)I also attended a special ‘Slow Down’ Rituals event last week which was hosted in partnership with Stylist Magazine at the beautiful One Belgravia.  The event offered Yin yoga classes, meditation, health talks, massages, and plenty of tasty food & drink, bringing together a room full of like-minded Londoners.  It was such a blissful experience and I especially enjoyed the Yin yoga class.

The whole campaign has certainly made me open my eyes to the moments which I might otherwise miss.  No matter how aware I am of slowing down, it’s always a challenge to do when I live in a city like London.  However, having said that, it’s now a whole lots easier with the ritual of Dao!

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