Spinal Backrack: Bye Bye Back Pain!


Having suffered from a slipped disc in my lower back at the beginning of 2017, I have experienced first hand what chronic back pain feels like and what it’s like to not even be able to sit up, let alone walk.

My recovery has been slow & steady, and thanks to a combination of restorative yoga, some Pilates & using my Spinal Backrack, any pain has subsided and I’m now focused on preventing future back pain.Spinal Backrack, Sarah Highfield (1)The Spinal Backrack is a natural & gentle solution to keeping back pain at bay, it is ergonomically designed so that it fits snugly to the shape of your back & helps to decompress the spine from top to bottom. It effectively not only treats the symptoms of back pain but also the causes.

I love my Spinal Backrack, my back pain is gone and now, whenever I feel sore or tight in my back, I simply go and lie on it for ten minutes. It’s really comfortable to use, almost like a back massage and I like that it fits to the shape of my back.

I know some people are worried about the price but if you think wellness is expensive, then try sickness! Also, check out my exclusive Promo Code below! Prevention now will save you on time, costs and your health in future. On top of that, considering how often you will use it, the cost per use will be absolutely justifiable.

Back pain is the leading single cause of disability in the world – most people will experience it at some point in their life, so I like to think of the Spinal Backrack as one of the best investments you can make for your health! 🧘🏻‍♀️⭐️💗

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