Healthy Back Bag

Healthy Back Bag (2)

I’ve found the perfect bag for people who suffer from back pain – it’s The Healthy Back Bag! They offer bags in an array of colours & materials, which are designed not only to be functional, but actually helpful for people who suffer from back pain or want to prevent back pain.

The Healthy Back Bag’s teardrop shape distributes weight across the back rather than pulling from one point on the shoulder. The more places a bag touches your body when it is worn, the lighter it feels thus encouraging good posture. There are no rigid bits in or around The Healthy Back Bag, it moulds to the shape of your body, which combined with a non-slip strap ensures that the bag both contours to your back and stays on your shoulder, however you choose to wear it.

Healthy Back Bag (4).JPG

I also love how many compartments the bag has, it’s amazing how many things get lost in your average bag, however, The Healthy Back Bag has clever pockets. Intelligently designed inside and out, meaning your stuff is organised, weight is distributed around the bag and frustrated rummaging is a thing of the past.

The bag I have shown in the photos above is the Textured Nylon Deep Forest Big Bag (£65). It’s absolutely perfect for day trips and travelling, I have separate pockets for everything and it feels very secure. The bag has a 20 litre capacity, is weather-proof, incredibly light – just 590 grams when empty and machine washable.

Take a look at the full collection here: Women’s Bags / Men’s Bags