September 2020: My Om Yoga Magazine Cover… What a month!

September 2020 has been quite a month! The magazine cover has been so exciting for me, both on a professional level and a personal level. It has been five years since I transitioned from an office job to being a Yoga Teacher, so it was a wonderful way to mark my five year yoga teaching anniversary. On a personal level, it’s rather exciting to be representing Asian women in the UK press. In the September issue of the magazine, aside from being on the cover, I was also on the inside sharing my thoughts on race & yoga, and particularly on how important representation of all colours & sizes is important for building a strong, supportive yoga community.

Additionally, anyone following my channels will know that I was supposed to be hosting a Yoga Retreat at the end of this month. Unfortunately, I’ve had to move the retreat to 2021 because of the pandemic & quarantine issues. The good news is that there will now be two Yoga Retreats in 2021, a Spring one at the end of April and an Autumn one in mid-October. I will be sharing a full update and details of those in the next month or so!

So while there have been setbacks, namely the postponement of the Yoga Retreat, I do believe they only make you stronger and more resilient!