“Sarah is such a brilliant yoga teacher! I always enjoy her classes and feel so energised afterwards. 5*” – Julia Sarah Lown, Designer

“Sarah is not only a wonderful person but also a great yoga teacher with a soft voice and great teaching skills. She’s also very professional and down to earth! I highly recommend her!” – Madeleine Karlsson, Founder of Maddywell

“I love Sarah’s classes. Always nice ambiance. Sarah makes sure the poses are correct and her commentary throughout the class is second to none. I come out of each class super streched and full of energy!” – Maria Fadeeva

“Firstly a friend, but forever a yoga teacher to me, I cannot highly recommend Sarah as a yoga teacher enough!  A true professional, she is always organized and prepared to lead students in a class upon request but will ensure that you walk out feeling centered and reenergized. Your wants as a student, will be cared for and Sarah will tailor a lesson especially for you.  Sarah has a vast knowledge of the foundations of yoga and leads students through the flowing movements with such authority and ease in her voice that it is reassuring and easy to trust.  Sarah will not hesitate to help make slight adjustments, which feel so subtle but end up altering the entire pose for a deeper and more lengthened stretch.  Even during savasana at the end of every class, I enjoy listening to Sarah’s voice as she guides me through a mindful meditation, she has a way with words and so I always finish one of Sarah’s classes with the desired result – feeling absolutely grounded.  Afterwards I feel calm, grateful and reenergized ready to take on the world.  Sarah thank you for being such a great friend and such an inspirational yoga teacher, I can’t wait for my next class with you!” – Katrina Jones

“I invited Sarah to teach in Spain this year. I finally met Sarah in June, who came to give an Ashtanga class and a workshop on how she left corporate life to become a successful teacher at the City2Sand 2017 Yoga Festival in Calpe Spain.  The guests loved Sarah’s professional input, passion and her kind thoughtful heart in helping me during the festival and other students with their questions.  I am so looking forward to seeing Sarah again for City2Sand 2018 both as teacher and great yogi friend – thank you. I wish Sarah every success in her quests for she is both loyal and diligent and a wonderful ambassador for any company looking to promote their products or services and always professional.” – Amanda Fletcher, Founder of City2Sand Yoga Festival

“Sarah is a great teacher. She always takes the time to understand what it is you want from the class and adjusts it accordingly.  Her classes leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the world.  Can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Jimmy Hutton

“Sarah is such an AMAZING teacher. She is patient, supportive, compassionate and has really made me appreciate yoga. She is also a ridiculous amount of fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Mathura Premaruban, Account Director, Hills Balfour

“Sarah is great to practice yoga with. Very kind and generous person. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable. Always enjoyable and energising sessions.” – Jonathan Himoff

“Sarah’s Yoga Nidra is a wonderful relaxing experience which I thoroughly recommend to everyone. Pure bliss!!” – Tricia Rees

“I’ve had the opportunity to be taught by Sarah a few times – she is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person! She has a lovely and gentle approach; her classes are flowing and fun, and would always leave me feeling reenergised and calm. Sarah has a great understanding of her students’ needs and a wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to every class. Highly recommended!” – Zuzana Pagacova, Yoga Teacher

“Sarah’s Yoga Nidra was a perfect way to relieve stress and tension for the ultimate relaxation session.” – Deborah Speirs

“Sarah is a very special person and yoga teacher, enthusiastic and supportive of the student, maintaining a professional but compassionate way of teaching. She is prompt, organized, and always good at teaching each student with patience along with a solid knowledge of the foundations of yoga.  Sarah has a very patient and supportive teaching style. She guides her students in building awareness of proper form and breathing in the yoga poses.. She is especially good at organizing her classes to accommodate the varied expertise levels that one may find when teaching classes and lead students though an enjoyable and safe class.  Highly recommended!” – Raquel Savaldor, Senior Teacher at Inspira Yoga

“Just love Sarah’s lessons especially her yoga nidra – the most profoundly relaxing half an hour ever!!” – Jo Prudence

“Sarah is completely committed to yoga and her lovely classes reflect her passion.” – Christine Pitt, Founder of Yoga Mango

“Sarah’s classes are a breath of fresh air. I really enjoy all of the yoga poses and love how knowledgeable she is. I’m looking forward to trying Sarah’s ‘Eye Yoga Class’! Highly recommended! 5 out of 5!” – Simon Stamp

“Sarah is an inspiration to people who change their lives to follow what they love, and this shows in her teaching. I can’t wait to use her tips on yoga for eyes in the office!” – Charlotte Stamp

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