Yogagise E-Book & Wellness Plans


Yogagise Your Life - ebook

The Yogagise Your Life e-book will be available to download instantly no matter where you are in the world.

The e-book will teach you:

  • The benefits of yoga, pranayama (simple breathing exercises) & meditation
  • The different styles of yoga and how to find the right style to suit you
  • How to incorporate a little yoga into your life everyday
  • How to start a home yoga practice (all you need is a yoga mat!)
  • Yoga poses to help energise & rejuvenate the body
  • Yoga poses to help relax & restore the body
  • Yoga poses to help detox & cleanse the body
  • Yoga alignment tips
  • How to maintain a healthy & balanced diet, while still enjoying your favourite treats
  • Nutritious and delicious recipes
  • Nutrition tips for home and eating out
  • How to live an active life and maintain long-term fitness
  • How to stay motivated and energised
  • How to stop procrastinating and be more productive
  • How to create a morning routine which super charges your day
  • How to ensure you have a healthy work/life balance
  • How to unwind & relax without being distracted
  • How to stop delaying your happiness and live in the present
  • How to increase your sense of self-value
  • How to break free from patterns of behaviour which hold you back
  • Sleep tips for getting your full 8 hours of sleep