Energise Through Yoga


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What is Yogagise?

Yogagise is a way of life which encompasses yoga, food & lifestyle.  It is focused around living a healthy, happy and balanced life, in an approach which is enjoyable, easy-to-follow and sustainable.

Yogagise Yoga is about energising through yoga. It is a state of wellbeing. Whether you are looking to strengthen your body, increase flexibility, calm & relax your mind or simply take time out for yourself; Yogagise tailors different styles of yoga to create a class which helps you achieve your goals. 

Yogagise Food encourages a healthy body through eating a delicious, balanced & filling diet with plenty of treats thrown in.  As a certified Nutrition Coach myself and working with other world class nutritionists & health coaches, Yogagise Food delivers up-to-date food & nutrition advice and recipes.

Yogagise Lifestyle inspires you to lead a fulfilled life, which is well-balanced and enriched.  Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is paramount, along with knowing how to de-stress and take time out for yourself.

Energise Through Yoga

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